Future Projects 2021-2025

ASAI is planning in the coming four decades and with the help of Educational Foundations, Honorable Members of the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, Graduates, and staff to work forward for the fulfillment of the following projects:

  • Increase the number of benefiting needy and outstanding students from the Interest Free Loans at the rate of 10% a year for post graduate studies specializing in applied and pure sciences, at reputed universities in USA and Europe. The target is 19,750 students. The cost of this project is US $ 9,650,000.00 in the coming 5 years.
  • Intensify the role of ASAI in the structure of labor force, qualitatively and quantitatively by focusing on the fields of specializations leading to national as well as regional Socio-economic Development. The graduates will provide input in the public, private and services sectors. The cost of this project is 55,000.00 US Dollars
  • Environment Protection: The Arab States are in the phase of engagement with three revolutions: a) information, b) technology, and c) environment protection.
  • ASAI intends to focus on these processes by emphasizing, as a priority in financial aid, on projects like capacity building, aid in laboratory equipment to universities in countries like Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.The total cost for this project is $ 3.9 in the span of the coming 5 years.
  • The most urgent issues facing the majority of Arab countries is organizing training courses targeting decision makers and managers in the sectors of production, (industry), consumer sectors ( super markets and entrepreneurs) and NGOs in advanced management, either in their respective countries or abroad , in cooperation with international trainers’ institute. The main topics will focus on industrialization, agriculture, tourism, social development (women and youth sectors) , as well as management of free trade centers. The cost of this project is estimated to be $ 4.5 for the coming 8 years.
  • The demand for Scholarships for Arab Students who are in refugee camps and are qualified for financial aid is in great demand. ASAI plans to request scholarships from 250 top universities in USA and 150 universities in Europe and other countries. The cost of this project requires $200,000.00 for administrative and data processing.
  • Laboratory Equipment During the annual visits of ASAI President to Universities in West Bank and Gaza, there is a great demand for modern laboratory equipment requested as grant from ASAI. The purpose is for teaching, research and serving the local community in the field of agriculture. This project is specifically requested by the colleges and Science, Medicine and Engineering. The cost of this project is 1.5 Million US Dollars.
  • Research in relevant fields and topics, specially in educational development as related to labor market and creativity. Contacts are underway to send questionnaire to presidents of Palestinian universities and colleges. ASAI will contract with a professional Researchers to conduct this assignment. The cost of this project is 250,000.00 US Dollars.
  • ASAI is a member of several International and Regional Educational Foundations. Due to lack of budgetary limitations it has useful significant to participate in such important functions and sharing ideas and experiences. It is expected that within the coming 10 years that about 30 academic and educational functions are held that ASAI should be participating. The allocations of this project is 270,000.00 US Dollars.
  • Mass Media: Disseminating information about ASAI (Past, Present and Future) is detrimental to Students, Donors, Universities and Research Institutions as well as for mass media outlets, i.e. YouTube, searchers, Google, Educational Magazines, etc. is becoming an urgent endeavor. Also publishing Articles, Reports and use of technology is essential procedure to all those concerned advocating the services and ideals of progressive educational development. The estimated cost of this project is US $ 450,000.00

Total funds needed for the above projects $21,220,000