Student Aid

Types of Financial Aid

Quality education is the right of every student. Every time ASAI supports the education of a student it provides them with the means to realize their potential, fulfill their dreams and change the world.

There are two types of financial aid that ASAI provides:

A. Interest free loans repayable within 5 years after the date of graduation

B. Grants, it consists of the following:

  • For needy and outstanding students at the 3rd & 4th year levels enrolled at Palestinian Universities in West Bank and Gaza, and at Lebanese Universities.
  • “Training the Trainers” programs organized to assist board of directors and managers of civil society institutions, NGOs and university graduates.


Rules and Requirements of interest free loans as :

  • Enrollment at reputable university.
  • Citizenship of an Arab Country.
  • Valid passport.
  • GPA: “B” or “Very Good” and above for first semester of MA or PhD.
  • MA/MS at least one full semester (or 15 credit hours), confirmed by the registrar of respected university.
  • PHD – At least one semester (or 15 Credit Hours), confirmed by respected university.
  • Aid is not allocated for travel, summer studies or language training.
  • Note: Fields of Specialization priorities: Applied Sciences, Pure Sciences, and Social Sciences.
  • For MA/M.S Two Academic years, after completing one full semester.
  • For PHD Three Academic years, after completing one full semester.
  • Aid is allocated once every academic year for an already approved applications.
  • Aid is sent in the name of the University.
  • Aid is allocated in US Dollars.

Range of Aid

Is according to the country of study, degree of study and the field of special as long as the approved applicant maintain the “B” average  standing.

The range is as follows :

  • USA and Canada, amount will be $5000 for PhD and $4500 for MA degree.
  • Western Europe, amount will be $4500 for PhD and $4000 for MA degree.
  • Asia and Far East, amount will be $3500 for PhD and $3000 for MA degree.
  • Arab Countries, Africa and Southern America, amount will be $3000 for PhD and $2500 for MA degree.

How to Apply for Interest Free Loan

  • When the student is in financial need he/she can review the website: and follow the instructions.
  • The application is posted on the website.
  • Making sure that the forms are fully answered with correct information given.
  • Telephone, fax, email, address information should be accurate and updated. This information will be used for future follow ups during study and after graduation.
  • It is important to include full information of the two guarantors, addresses, telephones, email and signed by a legal lawyer, for the repayment of the loan if the graduate is unable to pay the installment.
  • The documents requested should be original and certified.
  • Valid passport as proof of citizenship.
  • Acceptance and enrollment at reputable university.
  • Grades (official transcripts) of 1st semester for MA, or PHD applications.
  • All documents should be sent directly to the Main Office of ASAI.
  • Recent personal photo passport size.

Each application is approved by a Committee. Aid is not approved for those applicants who are citizens of other countries or have green cards because they can apply to sources there in. Aid is considered for one student in the immediate family. When this student repays the Interest free loan in full, a consideration can be allocated for another member of the same family when qualified.


Deadlines: There Are Two Deadlines:

  • 15th of January of each year.
  • 15th of August of each year.


Applications Forms

To apply for ASAI Interest Free Student Loan please fill this application: Application Form


Loan Repayment

  • Loan Repayment is must and it is Sadaqa Jareya (صدقه جاريه)(on going blessing) and there is no exception for exemptions.
  • It starts after six months of graduation.
  • The total duration 5 years maximum.
  • If the total loan is paid in one time, a discount of %10 is applied.
  • ASAI encourages all graduates to payback the interest free loans to help other needy and outstanding students.