This is a snapshot of 45 years of active contribution to human resources’ development as well as in capacity building in the Arab States. ASAI has responded since inception to the prevailing needs of labor force.

It is due to the (Late) HRH Prince Turki Ben Abdel Aziz Al Saud, the generosity of contributors, in addition to the support of Trustee Members, Members of the Board of Directors and graduates as well as hundreds of individuals, businessmen, institutions and banks that the following were achieved:

Total aid given in four decades was 31,000 cases for students and institutions and the total

fund spent is 32 million US Dollar.

Facilitation of 120 Scholarships for Academic staff members of Palestinian Universities who Acquired P.H.D degrees in technical and applied sciences.

The total cost was $87,000.

Assisted, as a grant, 30 physicians in government and private Palestinian hospitals to complete sub-specialty in health fields needed.

The total cost was half million US Dollar.

Five Hundred Scholarships were allocated to top students attended vocational schools.

The total amount of 3.2 million US dollar.

Educational grants to over 17,600 students enrolled at universities in Gaza & west Bank at 3rd or 4th year level under the supervision of respective Deans of students.

The total cost was $800,000

Supported the improvement of research and teaching by providing advanced laboratory equipment for faculties of engineering and pure sciences for all universities in West Bank, and Gaza.

The total cost was 3 quarters of Million US Dollar.

A grant allocated for infra-structure projects for 3 Palestinian Universities: Al-Quds University, Al-Najah University, and The Islamic University in Gaza.

The cost was 2 million US Dollars.

ASAI supported “vision progress” project designed for Western universities to teach one semester or a year on sabbatical leave at west bank & Gaza universities. Only ten professors joined.

The total cost was $750,000.00

Provided financial aid, as a grant for 25 candidates towards academic and practical training at the Maritime Academy in Alexandria, Egypt. They were employed as Captions at various shipping Corporations in Kuwait and the Gulf countries.

The total cost was $500,000.