Capacity Building – Training the Trainers

In view of the increasing demands for the role of civil societies and NGO’S in local and national social and economic development of the refugee camps, villages and Urban centers, ASAI Launched in 2005, a training program for members of the Board of Directors and Managers of NGOs and civil society institutions for training in advanced managements.

The criterium of the training program includes:

  • 40 hours of actual contact training hours
  • The number of participants should range between 20 – 25 per each training program for male and females. The trainees must be supervisors, Managers, and directors and are in the decision-making level
  • The trainers are experienced and carefully selected
  • The topics are based on the expressed needs of each targeted group of participates – such as strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, accounting, fundraising, holding successful meetings, assessments for priority issues, need assessment, and other topics

How to apply for a training course

All NGOs and Civil Society Institutions are welcomed to contact ASAI representatives requesting a training course provided that the conditions are targeted groups. Please check the website for the representatives of ASAI in this website

The total number of participants to date is 18,590 males and females, representing 450 NGOs