Prof. Ishaq Y. Al-Qutub

In 2021, ASAI is celebrating its 45th Anniversary, as a registered Educational Public Charity Foundation in the State of Ohio, USA number 1553629

It is tax exempt, not for profit. not political and non-religious Foundation. The vision is to have ASAI as part of the process of human resource development and capacity building and the development of highly specialized and qualified scholars in the Arab States with the objective of enhancing social, economic development and peace progress.

The mission of ASAI is to effectively contribute to the enhancement of specialized university graduates at the Ph.D. , MA, and BA levels in those fields that are highly in demand for sustainable development and are not readily available at the academic institutions in the Arab States without any prejudice to any Arab state, religion, gender or racial background. ASAI is keen on providing financial support to improve the performance of NGOs and civil society institutions to utilize the available local human and material resources in villages, refugee camps and cities for effectively take part in the national and regional development..

The organizational structure consists of five tiers:

The Board of Trustees consisting of 46 members who are distinguished personalities spread in

  • Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates
  • The Board of Directors, consists of 5 members all are residing in USA
  • The Administrative staff consists of 3 outstanding specialists
  • The graduates, consisting of 9570 the majority holding Ph.D. degrees who received Interest Free Loans
  • The Staff and regional Representative

The future projects entail the increase of investment portfolio, increase the beneficiary base of needy and outstanding students effectively participating in local & regional sectors. It is through the teamwork that ASAI aspire to achieve the short- and long-term objectives.

The sources of finances include investment portfolio, donations, and loan repayment of graduates who received interest free loans.