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ASAI Executive Committee

In This picture from the left Mr Dean Lomis,Dr Joseph Al-Qutub, Dr Ishaq Al-Qutub, Dr Mustafa Shamy, And Mr Robert Thabit.

Organizational Structure:

The organizational structure consists of the following levels:

The Board of  Trustees: It consists of 86 notable business, and academic personalities being the highest authority and are based in Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK and the United States of America. The Board of Trustees is chaired by HRH Prince Turki Ben Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. They are of two types

1. Active:

Members of the Board of Directors , consists of 7-9 members selected from among the members of the Board of Trustees. They are expected to attend the Board meetings, approve the Auditor’s Report, appoint the President of ASAI, and elect Officers from among them, such as: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and members. Responsibilities and liabilities are stated in the bylaws of ASAI.

The names of the Members of the Board of Directors are:


In the center HRH Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz with the executive committee members first meeting (1990) in UK

  1. HRH Prince Turki Ben Abdul Aziz – Chairman ( Saudi Arabia)
  2. Dr. Dawood Musaed Al-Saleh, Vice-Chairman  (Kuwait)
  3. Prof. Ishaq Y. Al-Qutub, President ( Palestine )
  4. Dr. Mustafa Shamy, Vice President and Treasurer ( USA )
  5. Mr. Robert Thabit, Legal Advisor and Secretary (USA)
  6. Dr. Dean Lomis, Member
  7. Dr. Joseph Qutub, former President and Member

2. Honorary:

Consists of  75 members selected at large from different parts of the world  who are reputed for their support of charitable educational foundations and can impact the enhancement of ASAI objectives and programs.  They accepted  to support the promotion of ASAI interests in their respective  country.  They are well known for their integrity, holding high offices, and preferably graduates who received assistance from ASAI.  Their task and responsibilities are also stated in the bylaws. They communicate directly to the office of the President of ASAI. They are welcome to attend the Active Board meetings and are kept well informed about progress and achievements. Their views and suggestions are discussed in meetings of the Board of Directors.

Executive Staff:

Consists of  one full time President, Executive Secretary (part time), Program Officer in charge with follow up with graduates (part time). And volunteers ( as needed). The main office is located at Dublin, the State of Ohio, 5910 Suite “H” , 43016 , USA .
The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Staff in incorporated in the By-Laws of ASAI at the Main office.
All of this will be accomplished without discrimination to sex, creed or ethnic background.
Our future policy is to improve the quality of highly specialized young scientists and invest in quality education and training that will effectively contribute to the enhancement of social and economic development and strengthening civil society institutions.
ASAI will explore grant and contribution opportunities in USA, Europe, the Arab States and other countries in line with its policies.
Here are the names of Trustees according to the regions :


Kuwait :

Dr. Dawood Musael Al-saleh – chairman
Mr. Anwar Al-Nouri
Mr. Omar Al-Quqa
Mr. Ibrahim Dabdoub
Eng. Mustafa Beidas
Dr. Adel Al-Yousifi
Lawyer Mohammed Esbeita
Mrs. Lulua Al-Mulla

Palestine :

Dr. Arafat salim Al-Hidmi
Dr. Mahdi abdul Hadi
HE Miss Zahira Kamal
Dr. Adib Al-Qaisi
Mr. Salim shubi Kutob
Lawyer Jamal Abu Tomeh
Eng. Mazen Abu Saud
Mr. Adnan Obeidat
Dr. Ishaq Al-Qutub
Dr. Mohammad Sabawi (Gaza)
Former Trustees
Late Judge Hassan abuy Maizer
Late Dr. Mahmoud Dajani
Dr. Tafiq Shakshir
Eng. Fahad Al-qasmeh
Late Dr. Hatem abu Ghazeleh


HE Mr. Taher Al-Masri – Honorary Chairman
Eng. Najati Shakshir – Chairman
HE Mrs. Salwa Al-Damen
Mr. Samih Ab- Shanab
Mr. Ma’moun al-Ashqar
Mr. Samih Abu Shanab
HE Dr. Tahir Al-Shakshir
Eng. Wajeeh Azaizeh
Mr. Adel Al-Qasim
Mr. Nichola Abu Khader

Saudi Arabia :

HRH Prince Turki Ben Abdul Aziz- Chairman
HE shiek Abdul Aziz abdallah Al-suliman
Mr. abdul ghani al- Aju
Dr. Amin al-Agha
Mr. Mohammad Othman
Mr. Harb Al-Zuhair
Mr. Mohammad Qadoura
Mr. Ali Hussein Shabukshi

United Arab Emirates:

HE . Mr. Khalifa Naboutha
Mr. Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtour
Mr. Adnan Derbas
Dr. Riyadh Al-Za’noun
Mr. Mohammed Nour Al-Obeidi

Lebanon :

HE Dr. Salim Al-Huss – chairman
HE Dr. Abdul Rahim Murad
Mr. Hamzi Moghrabi – President of Newly Established ASAI
Dr. Esam Jouman

United States of America :

Dr. Ishaq Y. Al-Qutub, President
Dr. Mustafa Shamy – Vice President and Treasurer
Lawyer Mr. Robert Thabit – Legal Advisor and Secretary
Dr. Dean Lomis – Member
Dr. Joseph Qutub – Former President
Mr. Munir Bayoud
Dr. Rashid Khalidi
Mr. Richard eming
Mr. Edward Malik
Mr. Ali Shakrani
Dr. Clofis Maqsoud
Prof. Musa Qutub

United Kingdom :

Lord Eyan Gilmor – Chairman
Mr. David Blakley
DR. Derek Hopwood
Dr. Khalid Rasi
Mr. Simon Burham
Dr. Jamal Nasir (Lawyer)

Other Countries :

HE Dr. Ali Atiqa (Libya)
Dr. Shamsuldin Al-Fasi (Morocco)
Dr. Musa Kama (Canada)
Dr. Dawood Qutub (Egypt)
Dr. Joseph Qutub, former President and Member


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