ASAI Objectives

Contribute to the enhancement of specialized university graduates at the PhD., MA, and BA levels in those fields that are highly in demand for sustainable development and strengthening relationships with Arab, foreign and international academic and educational institutions and foundations.
  • Conduct research projects, and attend local, regional seminars and conferences related to human resource development.
  • Provide information to Arab Students about the requirements of enrollment at foreign universities for the graduate studies.
  • Engage and utilize mass media outlets for enhancing better understanding of ASAI vision and mission and services.
  • ASAI has no prejudice to religion, gender, or racial background. ASAI is keen on providing support to improve the performance of NGOs and civil society institutions to utilize the available local human and material resources in villages, refugee camps to effectively take part in the local, national, and regional development.
  • Investments in the human resources and educational institutions for proper utilization of material and natural facilities.
  • impact the quality contribution to the labor force structure in the Arab States with specialized scholars in applied sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences.
  • Raising funds in USA and Europe for insuring sustainable development.
  • Strengthening contacts with universities in the industrialized countries with the objective to the transfer of diversified technology to the Arab States
  • ASAI is in process of applying for a membership as an observer with UNESCO, ALECSO, and other national and regional organization