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Loan Documents

Fall Semester – Academic year 2017/2018 Loans deadline is 09/01/2017. Spring Semester – Academic year 2017/2018 loans deadlines is 01/30/2018.

To apply for an interest free loan please review our applications and the required documents.

Note: All university documents should be closed and sealed from the university.

Eligibility Requirements for Interest Free Loan for Fresh Applicants:

  1.  fill out Application Form A-1 with the following eligibility requirements)
  2.  an Arab Citizen (Permanent Resident or Dual Nationals of a non Arab Country do not qualify)
  3.  have a student visa of country of study and intends to return to serve home country.
  4.  have outstanding academic record. (Please submit your previous academic record in ORIGINAL)
  5.  be enrolled for Masters’ or PhD program at a credited University.
  6.  provide proof of active full time enrollment in an accredited university. (Applicants enrolled for part-time, via correspondence are NOT ELIGIBLE)
  7.  finish one academic semester at least in the field of study to be ELIGIBLE to apply for Interest Free Loan, and must achieve “B” Average or “Very Good”.
  8.  fill out fresh Application Form A-1 with the following eligibility requirements)
  9.  Transcript record of University Grades of previous years (ORIGINAL)
  10.   Letter of enrollment for the new academic year from registrar (ORIGINAL)
  11.  must provide any change in contact information. (Address, Telephone, Fax, Email Etc.)
  12.  provide any change on Two Guarantors. (Address, Telephone, Fax, Email Etc.)
  13.  provide revised Financial Statement / Financial Status for the Academic year
  14.  (Source of Funds, Amounts Received from each source)
  15.   Expected date of Graduation mm / yyyy
  16.  Plans after Graduation (Please write and attach on a separate sheet)



Documents required for Renewal of the Loan:

The following documentation is required for renewal of  ASAI’s Loan:

  1. Request for renewal of the Loan
  2. One full year  official Transcript from Respective University
  3. New Address and number of  telephone , Cellular,  fax, E.Mail  if changed.
  4. Letter from Respective Graduate Department indicating Enrollment for the subsequent academic year
  5. Indication of the prevailing need for financial assistance.

ASAI designated Committee will review  the documents and will advise the applicant on the status of loan renewal.  If the renewal is approved,

Then same procedure used the first time will be followed ,

Tasks of applicant after Graduation:

  1. Send a copy of the Ph.D. Dissertation to ASAI
  2. Advise ASAI of the new  (or forwarding) address
  3. Advise ASAI on Repayment plan and return to respective homeland plans.


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