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Future Outlook

Future Outlook:

ASAI plans to maintain its identity as an educational non-profit, non political, on-religious foundation. Also ASAI plans to continue its programs and projects such as supporting human resources development for Arab States, and  Palestinian institutions, providing grants, aid in kind, enhancing management performance and investing in the development of quality manpower.

All of this will be accomplished without discrimination to sex, creed or ethnic background.

Our future policy is to improve the quality of highly specialized young scientists and invest in quality education and training that will effectively contribute to the enhancement of social and economic development and strengthening civil society institutions.

ASAI will explore grant and contribution opportunities in USA, Europe, the Arab States and other countries in line with its policies.

Plan for the Coming  Three Years

The following is a plan  envisaged for the coming three years( 2013/2016) provided availability of financial resources :

    1. Fund Raising :

Secure the amount of  $ 3 million from various sources including dividends of the investment,  contributions, gifts and grants and loan repayments in addition to projects and services rendered by ASAI . The sources and amounts are screened and approved by the Board of Trustees and in view of the Policy set by ASAI.

  1. Provide  interest free loans for a total of  up to 300 qualified candidates at the rate of 100 each fiscal year for the  Doctorate Degree level who meet the selection Criteria  of  ASAI Scholarship Committee. This include second and third time recipients in addition to new applications.
  2. Information system :  Develop a comprehensive data base which includes: students who graduated with ASAI financial assistance,  Contributors, Members of  the Board of Trustees , Academic Institutions who received financial support from ASAI for infra structure projects, and international agencies with same functions .
  3. Strengthen Relations with universities in USA, Europe and selected ones in the world for joint projects and providing possible financial assistance to Arab Students.
  4. Explore possibilities for joint Academic  programs and projects for supporting post graduate studies and research with agencies like : the Welfare Association, USAID, EU, CIDA, SIDA, British Council and other International Agencies
  5. Follow up on Loan Repayments of graduates and increase income by 30 per cent
  6. Design a Plan for Graduates who returned to their home countries to play an active role in the support of ASAI programs and projects especially in facilitating sustainable income to help more needy and outstanding students.


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