Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 5-7 members selected from among educations, legal and business background. The main task is multiple: assist the President and the staff in various fields such as approval of the budget, review the audit report, and approve the annual report. The legal aspects of ASAI’s functions are strictly observed as well as annual USA income tax reports.

There were two phases of the structure of the Board:

  • When ASAI was established in 1976, the Main Office was located in Scotch Plains, New Jersey from 1976 until 2005
  • When Late President Dr. Joseph Qutub retired, the Board approved the candidacy of Prof. Ishaq Al Qutub, who decided to move the Main Office to Dublin, Ohio.

Then a new Board of Directors was established, and ASAI was registered in accordance with the laws of the state of Ohio. Since then, the Board of Directors has provided full support to the staff of the Main Office

Members of the Board of Directors since 2005:

Prof. Ishaq Y. Al-Qutub



Hussam Qutub

Vice President


Dr. Moe Barakat



Sam Atieh



James E.P.Sisto

Legal Advisor 


Prof. Mohamed Rabie PhD