Administrative Structure

The administrative structure consists of six tiers:

  • The Board of Trustees, whose members are firm believers in the vision and mission of ASAI, and ready to promote its goals. They act in a voluntary capacity.
  • The Board of Directors, the members take active part in overlooking the policy, the legal connotations, revision of the audit reports and provide guidance to the administration.
  • The representatives of ASAI located in several countries. They are committed to the tasks of ASAI service in strengthening relations with academic institutions, follow up with loan repayment by graduates who received interest free loans, and functions related to students’ affairs. There are in the following countries: UK, Dubai, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and Lebanon.
  • The graduates are the crown of ASAI, in their remarkable achievements in the academic field. Those who find their way to return to their homeland, they occupy high administrative positions, repay the interest free loans, attempt ways to raise funds, and are an asset to the promotion of ASAI wherever they reside.
  • The staff, who are specialized in management, student affairs, IT, as well as in financial affair. The President is the only full-time employee, and two staff members employed as part time.

There are volunteers who are working on projects and temporary assignments.