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About ASAI

Vision Statement

Arab Student Aid International, as a non-profit, non-political , and tax-exempt educational organization, is part of the process of building the human resources and the development of highly specialized and qualified scholars being undertaken in the Arab States with the objective of  enhancing social and economic and peace progress.

Mission Statement

Contribute to the enhancement of highly specialized graduates especially in those fields that are in demand  and not readily available at Universities in the Arab States without any prejudice to religion, sex, ethnic and racial backgrounds.  ASAI is keen on providing specialists, both qualitative and quantitative, for effective role in support of development process especially in lesser-developed Arab States.

Policies and Strategies

Maintain the ideals and traditions of ASAI through the following policies and strategies which formulate the basis for planning, and   implementing the goals and objectives:

  • Equal opportunities, without any discrimination to gender, religious or ethnic affiliations.
  • Financial aid to qualified candidates are interest free repayable loans and repayment is made in accordance with an agreed upon installment plan, starting the first day of the fourth month following the date of graduation.
  • Board of Trustees Members and Graduates are valuable sources in promoting ASAI services.
  • Maintain transparency, open door policy and provide information related to the current and future programs and projects.
  • Avoid any conditional support (cash or in kind) that adversely affect ASAI’s policies, independence and autonomy.
  • As a non-profit, non governmental organization, ASAI will avoid involvement in any political or partisan activities.
  • Explore joing programs with similar educational organizations  to ASAI  which would enhance ASAI objectives.
  • Observe and respect the laws of countries where ASAI has its headquarters and regional offices, as well as those countries where student receiving ASAI financial assistance are studying.
  • Financial records are kept in line with audit and income-tax procedures.

Sources of Finance:

ASAI depends on the following sources for financing its programs and projects :

  • Returns from endowment/investment fund.
  • Loan repayments by graduates.
  • Unconditional gifts and grants, funds in trust, deeds, stocks and bonds certificates, life time inheritance gifts to education.
  • Contributions from individuals, institutions, banks and waqf.

Contributions are tax-exempt, and are accepted in view of the policy stated above.  More information is provided in the section “Call for Contributions”


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